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Guest Post - Dining Under Beautiful Lights

Guest Post - Dining Under Beautiful Lights - welcome friends at our blog, is a good home that can make you and your family comfortably occupied, on the blog Decorating Home Office we will discuss a lot of home design attractive and comfortable for you, okay now we're discussing about Guest Post - Dining Under Beautiful Lights, this information we collect from various sources so that you feel satisfied with the explanation:

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Guest Post - Dining Under Beautiful Lights

Hello, everyone, I’m Mari, a writer from Arcadian Lighting, a terrific online source for all things lighting. One of the things I love most about my work is doing guest posts because I get to visit (and learn so much from) great blogs like Frugal Home Design. Jamie's post about refurbished chandeliers was extremely interesting. It actually inspired today's topic, Dining Under Beautiful Lights. No matter your style, there is an amazing array of light fixtures available to hang above the dining table. We hope you'll be inspired by the lovely lights I brought to share with you today. Please enjoy!

Here's another creative chandelier to add to Jamie's collection--recycled green wine bottles hung from a metal circle. This is one of my favorite dining rooms—one can only dream of enough shelves to hold and beautifully display china and serving dishes.

An unexpectedly large hanging lantern works well even when hung over a small round table in this light and airy dining room because the eye is not stopped as we are able to see through the clear glass panels.

Hanging globe pendant lights like this one are not only beautiful but can budget-friendly as well. This white paper version is lovely in dining room with an Asian influence, but would work well with many other styles.

It takes a certain fearless personality to hang two ornate chandeliers in contrasting colors above a modern dining table and colorful chairs. We admire the sense of personal style.

Lovely little glass pendants are simply perfect for this slightly feminine dining space. Lights like these can range from the inexpensive to pricey custom designs.

This rattan and bamboo bell pendant light would work beautifully in a dining area that begs for something unexpected over the table.

A grouping of small pendants can have big visual impact when hung at varying levels over a large circular or oval table.

Another way to hang multiple lights is place them in a row down the center of a long dining table. These clear glass beauties highlight chunky vases of gorgeous orange tulips. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


Dine in style with beautiful light fixtures and pendant lights at Arcadian Lighting!

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