Senin, 19 September 2016

Jumat, 01 Juli 2016

Using Small Bed to Give Spacious Impression Bedroom with Amazing Interior

Having comfortable bedroom even in small area is very fine. You can have small comfortable bedroom if you can wild your imagination in design it to be the most amazing place. Your bedroom is your place to sleep and recharge your energy, so you need a comfortable bedroom. These pictures will help you in decorating your small bedroom to be the most comfortable place in the house.

Having beige bedroom with low bed frame in the small area bedroom will be very nice design. By having low bed frame do not put any other furniture in this area, you can use open plan ideas to make this bedroom more comfortable. You can put glass partition as the door to separate this are to the next area. Putting some ornaments or paintings will make this room more beautiful.

Having small bedroom interior does not mean you can not put your clothes in the same area, you can change your wardrobe with big box to put your clothes. This box has many function, you can use it as table or book shelf. Window is also important in this room, you will get wider effect from the window that you put in this room.

If you want to have luxury bedroom but you do not have large area, one of the picture below will help you. Master bed in white with pillows also luxury pendant lamp and wardrobe luxury design will be very nice. TV screen hanging near the workspace will be very nice entrainment equipment.  Windowed wall with luxury curtain design will be very amazing.

Kamis, 30 Juni 2016

Terrific Naturally Curved Length Flooring from Bolefloor

Wooden floor for our house or apartment will be a good idea. You can put wooden in every part of your house includes living room, bedroom, TV room, wardrobe area etc. Wooden floor is a floor that is easily to match with other accommodations. These are some pictures that will inspire you to design your house or your apartment using wood floor.

There are two kinds of wooden floor, fine cut and curved cut. You can also give some treatment in your wooden floor such as untreated, high gloss, paint or lacquer. Untreated and curved cut is going to be a famous interior design in everywhere. You do not need a lot of treatments and money but your house looked chic and modern.

If you have a restaurant, you can design the floor of the restaurant in this type of floor. Your restaurant will be looked different and natural. Even your restaurant is modern and classy this kind of will not destroy the theme but it will make it more gorgeous. You can support it with putting some wooden tables with high gloss treatment.

This kind of floor also appropriate with a family room with rock and roll theme, like you can see in the picture below. There is blue wall which is combined with white ornament wall and curved length wooden floor. There are two kinds of chairs in this area, reading chair and small chairs with a glass table in front of it. Those accommodations appropriate with curved wooden floor.

Rabu, 29 Juni 2016

Small Apartment Design by Anton Grishin

Having small apartment, it does not mean that you can not explore your apartment. You can check Anton Grishin design product that show how to decorate your small apartment in a good way. Grishin apply open plan idea to make the apartment comfortable and use bright color to make the apartment brighter.

Small kitchen with versatile furniture is very perfect idea for your apartment. Kitchen island with dining table in versatile furniture will economize your area. Some Eames chairs near the dining table area will make you comfortable in enjoying your food. A carpet on this small kitchen will also make this kitchen more beautiful and warmer.

Next to the kitchen Grishin put blue bright living room with L sofa and some cushions in blue, white and yellow. White table makes this sofa very perfect. A blue painting hanging on the wall is very nice ornaments of this area. Plants near the sofa will make this living room fresher, because you will get more oxygen from the trees.

Some cabinets on your wall near the ceiling will help you to put your old stuffs that are rarely uses. Choose right color for your cabinet, it will be better if you put same color with your wall. It has purpose to camouflage this cabinet, so your living room is looked large. Windows on your small apartment will also help you give wide effect to your apartment. 

Selasa, 28 Juni 2016

Red and White Home Interior Design with Fascinating Color

Having red and white home interior in our house is very interesting idea. You can show your favorite color in your entire house and show your personality. You can also combine those two colors with other color to make it more beautiful. The pictures below show you how beautiful home interior in red and white.

First picture shows red and white living space with two long sofa in red and white and TV screen in front of it. Behind the TV screen is red wall that becomes the icon of the area. Next to this area is small dining room, this area is near some windows in white. Some rail lamps on the ceiling make this area looked more contemporary.

You can also design your reading area in red and white. You can put long red sofa with some cushions to make you more comfortable. White rug fur on the pattern wooden floor makes you feel warmer. Windowed wall with curtain will make this area brighter. You can also enjoy the panoramic view outside your reading area while you read your favorite books.

Black, red and white living room is also good idea. Loft chairs with cushion in white on black chair frame are perfect on red wall around it. Two small coffee tables with some ornaments will make this combination perfect. Painting on the wall will make this area more artistic. White shelves to put some ornaments and porcelains is great addition. 

Senin, 27 Juni 2016

10 Palatial Bathroom Ideas from Around the World

Bathroom is our most private area in the house. You need to design your bathroom to be the most comfortable place. So, you can enjoy the room while you do your private activity. Having palatial bathroom with all accommodations inside it is everyone dreams. These are some pictures that will help you to décor your bathroom to be a palatial bathroom.

A bathroom is called palatial if you have luxurious material and accommodations inside your bathroom with awesome design. A palatial bathroom is mostly used bath tub inside it. This bath tub will make the user feel like a king, because bath tub like a throne for a king. If you add small table near the bath tub, you can enjoy your bath as well as some drinks and foods.

Palatial bathroom is not always in the large area, you can have small palatial bathroom with all accommodations inside. You can also have a palatial bathroom in wooden material combines with marble. You can put high place bath tub with some towels beside it and wooden toilet cabinet near the bath tub.

If you do like Arabian style for your house, one of the pictures below will give you some inspirations. You can add marble round bath tub with luxurious marble round pergola with a red curtain. You can also add two marble long stools with foam on it to sit while you finish your other private activity. Gold in this kind of room will be very perfect ideas. 

Minggu, 26 Juni 2016

Oak Wall & Floor Paneling in Elegant Designs

There are many materials that can be applied in our house such as wood, brick, glass, stone etc. There are also some wood materials such as Oak wood, Bamboo, Mahogany wood, Rattan, Teak wood etc. Oak wood is good to be placed in our house because Oak wood is strong wood. These are some Oak wall and floor paneling that will be inspiration for you.

Wood is not identical with old and village, your modern house can use wood as the material. You only need to design in modern way and model. You can also combine wood material with other materials to make your house more elegant. You can also put wood accommodations that are combined with other material.

There are some inspirations to design your house in Oak wall and floor such as the Oak living room, dining room, bar, kitchen, family room etc. You can design your oak wood in subway model for your floor and your wall. You can add wooden statue on the wall and some tables and chairs also from Oak wood in this room.

There is a picture which combines glass, bricks and Oak wood in the dining room. There is a big Oak wood dining table and chairs on the Oak wood floor. In this room is also windowed wall with beautiful panoramic view. In front of the dining table set there is a white kitchen with kitchen island and TV hanging on the wall.